The Uncomplicated Method®

The Uncomplicated Method ® is the exclusive sales process David created after he spent years training and coaching hundreds of salespeople using the various sales processes that were available at the time. He believes many of those processes are either overly complicated or are just no longer consistent with the way buyers buy today. There are at least two things that set us apart:


1- The Uncomplicated Method ® is a non-linear sales process which is built upon a foundation of four different phases that can be used by the salesperson in any order. The Uncomplicated Method ® is designed around the way customers buy today. This process is much more effective because it allows the salesperson to serve the buyer the way they want to be served without yielding the oversight of the sales process. The Uncomplicated Method ® won't break if the customer doesn't follow the salesperson’s pre-determined process, or "critical path". This flexibility gives the salesperson great confidence because they now have a sales process that works for today's buyer, which means they can convert more sales while providing a customer experience that is second-to-none. 


2- The Uncomplicated Method ® is easy to learn and easy to use; there are no complicated terms or phrases. The idea behind the creation of The Uncomplicated Method ® was to produce a sales process that will benefit the sales veteran as much as it does the brand new salesperson and it won't take months for either to learn. When we were writing this process, we made a pledge to ourselves to keep it "embarrassingly simple". We didn't set out to create something that would win a Pulitzer Prize, nor are we trying to impress an industry's establishment with a new vernacular. We just wanted to put a sales process in the hands of sales leaders and business owners that is easy to learn and greatly effective. 

Watch This Video to Learn More About Our Exclusive Sales Process, The Uncomplicated Method